Chiropractic Testimonials


"I found Dr. Morrone to be very pleasant and I find her approach refreshing. Other chiropractors I have visited basically give you an adjustment without discussing the neurological connections. Looking forward to working with her and also to see how she may be able to help my daughter."

- Kim C

"Dr. Deb is awesome! She always knows my needs even sometimes before I tell her what hurting. She is very friendly and professional and I trust her with my chiropractic needs."

- Donna H

"I am constantly impressed with the compassion in which the excellent level of care is delivered as well as the efficient and friendly manner in which business is conducted at the Fredrick Chiropractic Wellness Center. These folks have rescued me from pain more times than I can remember."

- Adele A

"Always a pleasant experience and pleasure to meet with my doctor and her staff. She keeps me able to do my job, which I love, otherwise I would probably be unable to work and have to go on disability of some sort."

- Carly V

"Dr Deb is great. She takes her time with you, listens and tries to unravel your problem. Always concerned about how you feel before and after. Very gentle with those of us leery of chiropractic treatment. I have sent several people to her."

- Anon

"My first visit was great. Everything was clearly explained, and it was so interesting to see for myself where the weaknesses in my body are. After my first adjustment, I feel so much better, and I am looking forward to continuing my care here and healing my back/body issues."

"I nearly always have less pain within a few hours to a day after my visits. I do not believe I could function as I do - doing my job, etc. - without my chiropractic visits."

- CV

"As always, Dr. Deb Morrone was very attentive to my concerns and questions, and she truly helped me to alleviate much of the discomfort I was feeling! I look forward to my next visit!"

- J.S.

"I have been going here for about two weeks and I can not believe how much better I have felt. The pain that I had prior was very chronic and I was very limited it what I could do. This last weekend I was able to work out in our yard for over 2 hours! What a difference in my life! The doctor really knows about the human body and how it works!"

- M.M.

"Deborah has the knowledge and the attitude of a person that cares and wants to go above and beyond to help. She shows concern and I feel that she listens to what my issues are. Then she works her magic of healing. Thanks."

- John M

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